Direct Print boards offer the absolute best combination of displaying an image on a board.

Our boards use a special printing technique to ensure that the image on the board withstands all weather, but will also last for the longest amount of time. Printed images do not hinder play at all and do not add any unnecessary layers to a board, ensuring the boards always play great. The best part about printed boards is that they can withstand all types of weather and never diminish in quality. This doesn't mean you can repeatedly leave them out in the rain...we are working with wood you

The Cornhole Xpress feels strongly that these boards are worth the money and can see our company going to offer this product only.- in the future. While a board may be priced differently, the cost of getting a lesser quality board is not worth the price savings. A printed board will last a lifetime and is a fantastic investment for veteran and new players alike.

here is a video of a set of tops being printed.